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Lumber tracking workflow
just for you

Desktop, Tablet & Mobile Perfected

Add lumber to your inventory as you mill

Track Source trees, logs, indvidual slabs & dimensional

Dashboard reports designed to help you take the right action


Source Trees

Tell the story. Your clients love trees. They love what you're doing - soaking up every little detail you can share about a slab.

Map Trees

Visualize the story with an origin map of trees

Nerd Out

Play around and enjoy the rich history you've recorded about each tree and all its babies

Log Up
We empower you to know where the logs come from
How many you have and a handy board foot estimate
At a glance you will know the raw material you have on hand
This will help you make good business descicions

Add inventory as you mill

Instantly add fresh cut slabs and photos to your inventory without additional steps and paperwork


You or staff will build the inventory naturally in step with the workflow


Friendly on mobile devices
A snap to get them in

Add dimensional in bundles
Cutting dimensional?
Easy peasy lemon squeezy
You are covered and tracking. No more stress about slabs and dimensional getting different treatment.

Batch update slabs & bundles

Oh snap!
Did you just move 150 Slabs from the yard into the kiln?
Now you need to update what came out and what went in???
No worries!
Filter or scan and go home.

Mobile Management

You control your inventory. Your inventory doesn't control you

Knowing Is Power

Dashboard and list reports keep you in the know of every detail

Show me
don't tell me
Want to show off your inventory to the public or just a select few?
We've got you covered.
Require logins or leave it wide open. It's all up to you!